Lose upto 10 kgs in 10-Days with the '10KG 10-DAY DIET' Ebook'

The '10KG 10-DAY DIET' is a 34-page Step-by-step Guide to Cleansing & Weight Loss!

Containing an essential recipe that takes minutes to learn, and when done correctly the cleanse is surprisingly easy and completely effective for cleansing and weight loss. The '10KG 10-DAY DIET' offers step-by-step guidance that unleashes the full power of the Master Cleanse and all its health benefits.

Author Leroy Ford shares his amazing results of how he lost 10 kgs in 10-days!, packed with helpful information and insightful tips that he has gained from personally coaching thousands of people on the best way to follow 10KG 10-DAY DIET. Much has been learned about detoxing since the Master Cleanse was first developed over 30 years ago, and this up-to-date book explains clearly how to successfully lose weight within 10-days.


  • Weight Loss - Lose 10 KGs In 10 Days!
  • Flushing the Colon
  • Improving Skin and Hair
  • Ridding Your Body of Parasites
  • Increasing Your Energy
  • Balancing Your Body’s pH


Author: Leroy Ford
Publisher: Amazon, CreateSpace
Language: English
Print Length: 34 pages
File Size: 4MB
Format: PDF
Compatibility: iPhone & Android
Readability: Smartphone, Tablet & Desktop

Price: $4.99
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"10kg 10-Day DIiet ebook answers a lot of questions. Obviously not for the weak or unmotivated. I have done liquid fasts before and am now going to do the Master Cleanse. I intend to follow this step-by-step guide to be successful. I need to get healthy again! I can do this!!"
~ LS Cole, Cape Town, SA.

"Great Book,lots to learn here! And it really works!!, Thanks Leroy!"
- Sonia Bingham, Montreal, Canada

"Interesting, Informative, Fast Read. I probably will go on master cleanse to detox, but not in the near-future. I'll definitely buy the book to keep as a reference though. Would I recommend it to my friends, to some "Yes" I would."
- Diana Kipahni, Sydney, Australia

"This book is a great for anyone doing the MC. It gives must needed info important for getting the most out of it."
- Mandy Taylor, Dublin, Ireland

"We are using this drink as our morning drink. It is helping my husband with elimination of bowels and helping jump start his live, pancreas, and gallbladder. Over all helping us feel better and better each day as we continue to eat healthy."
~ Lynda Wade, England, UK.

"An informative and engaging book on the Master Cleanse, which is a 10-day detoxification process. Definitely planning to give this a shot sometime soon, and am glad I read through the whole book. It is well-written and very inspiring. I remain skeptical but open-minded regardless".
- David Moore, Nottinghamshire, UK.



Hi, I'm Leroy Ford, Author, Speaker & Coach, From England UK, now based in Singapore.

Im fitness enthusiast, and Founder of Fitness Camp Asia™ where I coach individuals in Health & Wellness, Holistic Nutrition, Success and Personal Development.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to drop us a message at Facebook/FitnessCampAsia

To Your Health & Success!

Author. Speaker, Coach
Founder, Fitness Camp Asia™
Founder, Success Mentors Academy™



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